Historically, ketamine has been used an anesthetic. But today, ketamine has emerged as one of the most effective depression treatments available—especially in situations where other depression treatments have failed. With up to 40% of patients failing to respond to first-line depression treatments—talk therapy, antidepressants, etc.—the availability of ketamine is a silver bullet in the fight against depression, anxiety and other debilitating mental health conditions.

Depression affects 8% of the population and doesn’t discriminate against age—adolescents are just as impacted as adults. A 2019 Pew report states that 70 percent of teenagers believe depression and anxiety are “major problems” for them and their friends. Depression exceeded bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, and peer pressure in the list of primary concerns amongst adolescents. Along those lines, suicide is the #1 cause of death amongst people aged 10-35. Ketamine could not become available at a better time.

Ketamine has been widely trusted as a highly-effective depression treatment for adults, but researchers are now exploring its efficacy for patients who are a bit younger. Scientific American reports that, in a trial conducted at Yale Medicine, suicidal teenagers became “bright and hopeful” after receiving a series of ketamine infusions.

Of course, ketamine hasn’t always been known for its anti depressive characteristics. It has a reputation of being abuse as a club drug, which may make some parents wary of offering it to their children as a way to escape their blues. However, it’s important to know that, in a clinical setting, ketamine is administered in much lower doses than what would be abused in a. Recreational setting. Furthermore, ketamine infusions are administered in a clinic, under close medical supervision. Finally, patients are very rarely sent home with a take-home prescription for ketamine, preventing the medication from making its way into the wrong hands.

Ketamine could potentially save the life of your depressed teenager. Finding a reputable ketamine clinic to administer the infusions is important, though. Our clinic has been performing infusions since 2015—we were one of the first ketamine clinics to open in the Greater Boston area, and we have a second location in West Hartford, CT. If you live in the Northeast and are suffering from depression, anxiety or another debilitating mood disorder, contact us to find out of ketamine infusions might be the right solution for you.

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