A walk in the woods is great exercise, but did you know it can also ground your mental health and help you recenter? The benefits of immersing ourselves in nature are becoming clearer and clearer, especially the ways in which the natural world can influence our mental health.


Heal with Nature

Our world is filled with stressors, and turning off our brains can feel like a tall order when faced with a growing list of demands. But, spending even a little bit of time out in the natural world can help us disconnect and experience a sense of well-being. That impact increases when you add a little movement to the recipe. Studies show that exercising out in nature for even a five-minute stretch can help you to ground your mental health.

Stuck indoors? Even exposure to artificial natural environments can boost your mental health, whether that’s tending to a windowsill garden or positioning yourself near a window with a view.


Tune Out to Tune In

One reason nature is good for efforts to ground your mental health is its ability to influence focus. A recent study looked at the effects of voluntary and involuntary attention when participants were immersed in nature. The study found that when a person was out in nature they were able to turn off their voluntary attention—that skill that allows us to focus on work or tasks—and allow their involuntary attention to thrive. The result: a natural recharge for the brain.


Nature’s Medicine

The payoffs of spending time in nature are huge for treating mental health disorders like anxiety or major depressive disorder. Spending time outside can boost your body’s release of serotonin, while it allows your skin to soak up vitamin D, an important vitamin for good mental health. Accessing any of these benefits really is as simple as going for a walk.

If you feel like you could use a little extra help to ground your mental health, perhaps the solution is just outside your front door.

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