There is nothing enjoyable about living with major depressive disorder. Those who do not carry the weight of a clinical depression diagnosis cannot understand the struggle. Everyday life becomes a burden too heavy to bear. Never mind getting out of bed to go to work, or the grocery store…getting out of bed to simply use the bathroom can be impossible at times. And—for 60% of patients—the use of antidepressant medications is futile.

However, a new treatment has shown incredible promise for treating the symptoms of major depressive disorder—and it works for more than 70% of patients: ketamine therapy.

The Washington Post recently shared a series of ketamine success stories, highlighting the miraculous ability of this drug—which has been around since the 1970s—to alleviate even the most severe symptoms of clinical depression. “All of a sudden, you wake up and realize what you haven’t been feeling for 15 years,” says one patient. 

Ketamine therapy for the treatment of depression has been rapidly gaining popularity since the drug’s antidepressant effects were discovered by Yale researchers in the mid-1990s. Since then, clinics have opened in all corners of the country, offering hope to those who have none. 

Beyond the incredible antidepressant effects of ketamine, ketamine therapy has also proven effective in the reduction of suicidal ideation. After a series of 15 initial infusions, ketamine was shown to reduce suicidal ideation by 85 percent. However, the positive results of ketamine therapy often manifest faster—usually after the first or second infusion—making ketamine therapy a lifesaving treatment for those at risk of suicide.

Although the positive effects of ketamine for depression have been reinforced by countless studies, the exact mechanism that makes ketamine therapy so effective is still a bit unclear. Researchers have started to unpack the “how” behind ketamine for depression, but have a long way to go—the brain is a mysterious thing!

However, as ketamine has been an FDA-approved drug for more than 50 years, we do know that ketamine infusions are safe, with only mild, non-threatening side effects that typically wear off within 2-hours of an infusion. And, if a patient’s life is on the line, ketamine promises rapid relief…and the ability to reclaim a life that was long ago thought lost.

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