The amount of people in the United States who are suffering from depression is growing rapidly, and as one of leading ketamine clinics in Boston we have personally seen the detrimental impact that this disorder can have on patients and their loved ones. The pain of depression hinders individuals from performing daily chores and can cause them avoid various responsibilities, like letting the laundry pile high, ignoring personal hygiene, or not showing up to the office just because they can’t muster up the strength to leave the house. They need help, because most people who experience severe depression cannot enjoy their lives: they cannot play catch with their children, or execute the most basic tasks without a fight.

However, as a leading Boston ketamine clinic, we also see the incredibly beautiful results that ketamine infusions bring to those who are experiencing emotional pain—it is beyond words. Ketamine brings hope to those who are hurting. In a recent article by Insider, ketamine for depression was revealed as one of the top 10 mental health discoveries of 2018, and this brings us hope. Hope that this revolutionary treatment will continue to save lives, and more people suffering will have the opportunity to experience a future worth living for.

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Ketamine for depression has not had an easy foray into the U.S. medical system. Since ketamine was first introduced as an antidepressant, it has become one of the most rapid and highly effective depression treatments available. But, despite the multitude of positive results, its use remains controversial thanks to unanswered questions about how ketamine works, exactly, and its past reputation as a go-to party drug.

As 2019 approaches and this year comes to a close, we should remember all of the research and progress that has been made this year. In May 2018, an intranasal treatment called esketamine succeeded in its third and final clinical trial, that last trial needed to obtain FDA approval. Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical might be on their way to revolutionizing depression treatments. But they are not the only company jumping on the ketamine-inspired bandwagon: Allergan is also working on getting approval for Rapastinel.

We don’t know what the future has in store for depression treatment. But our ketamine clinic is still right here in Boston, treating patients who are suffering  indescribably from depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health disorders. We’ve performed thousands of infusions and are one of the country’s most trusted clinics.

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