In recent years ketamine’s effectiveness in treating depression has become well-known. But, there are many other mental disorders the drug also shows effectiveness in treating, ketamine’s uses for anxiety, for one. The benefits of ketamine treatment are wide-ranging, with new uses becoming more well-documented all the time.

Ketamine’s Uses for Anxiety and other Disorders

Ketamine treatment is a fast and effective way to target stubborn cases of a range of mental disorders including anxiety, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, and addiction issues like alcohol addiction.

The benefits of ketamine treatment are particularly valuable because the drug works quickly to solve disorders, with relief that lasts from two weeks to even longer. Many of the traditional drugs prescribed for cases of anxiety, OCD, and other issues can take up to six weeks, and often a person suffering from PTSD has difficulty finding relief even then.

Can Ketamine Help with Social Anxiety?

Ketamine;s uses for anxiety are wide-ranging, and can be particularly helpful in treating social anxiety. With a number of studies continuing to explore the drug’s usefulness in treating anxiety, research points towards the possibility that the benefits of ketamine treatment for social anxiety are even more powerful when the drug is administered in a slightly higher dose. Some results have shown that study participants report a 50% or more reduction of anxiety.

If you feel like you might thrive from the benefits of ketamine treatment for social anxiety, the first step is booking a consultation to assess your medical history and needs. Relief from crippling social anxiety is possible, safe, and effective.

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