While for many new mothers the period following childbirth is a joyful time, some find themselves experiencing feelings of depression and excessive worry, sleep problems, and sometimes thoughts of suicide. Symptoms of postpartum depression, these feelings, are estimated to affect approximately 1 in 10 women and can be difficult to alleviate with traditional medications. Ketamine infusion therapy, thankfully, has shown itself to be a strong ally in the struggle for postpartum depression recovery.

Ketamine and Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression can come on as a result of hormonal changes following childbirth or a miscarriage, though some people develop symptoms while still pregnant. This can make postpartum depression recovery particularly tricky to achieve because traditional medications like SSRIs have a negative impact on the fetus and on the baby if taken while breastfeeding.

Ketamine infusion therapy has become an important option for postpartum depression recovery because of its low risk to both patient and baby. A known agent in fighting treatment-resistant depression, ketamine infusion alleviates symptoms of postpartum depression quickly and a series of treatments can keep symptoms at bay for months. And while the transfer rate of ketamine through breastmilk is not known, the rather small amount administered is believed to be of very low risk to a baby.

Taking the First Steps

People seeking treatment for postpartum depression might look toward other options like talk therapy or counseling as they navigate these challenging feelings. Booking an appointment with a specialist to find out how ketamine infusion therapy might help with your depression is another valuable option when considering how to handle this period.

What matters most is a patient getting back to their true selves, so they can enjoy the exciting period of bonding with their new family member as soon as possible. Take this step by booking a consultation today.

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