Ketamine therapy has proven itself to be a powerful aid in treating mental health issues like anxiety and depression quickly and effectively. Now, research is showing that it may have another valuable use: as a sleep aid for treating sufferers of insomnia and other disorders. Could a good night’s sleep be as easy as a couple of sessions of ketamine therapy?

The Ketamine-Mind Connection

Ketamine therapy works efficiently because it works with our brain’s chemistry. Impacting brain receptors that affect how we experience anxiety, depression, and pain, ketamine actually rewires brain circuits, allowing for long-term relief, especially for treatment-resistant conditions.

One area where ketamine has shown its ability to impact sleep function is that it actually reduces REM sleep duration. As a result, a person experiences more slow-wave sleep, which may be beneficial for someone experiencing sleep-quality issues. Studies suggest that ketamine therapy provides uses with a deeper and more resilient sleep, with fewer periods of awakenings, that allows them to wake up refreshed.

Insomnia, perhaps the most feared and hated of sleep disorders, might be treated with ketamine therapy, too, studies show. Participants in studies have reported better periods of overall sleep duration and an easier time falling asleep.

Trying Ketamine Therapy as a Sleep Aid

While research is ongoing as to how beneficial ketamine therapy might be as a sleep aid, so far results point to a positive outcome. Ketamine therapy is known to have a lasting impact on a person’s nervous system, leading to a more relaxed feeling overall. It’s even powerful enough to target hard-to-treat mental health issues like PTSD and drug-resistant depression. Its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory agent has also been lauded.

A more relaxed state of mind and body are nearly guaranteed after a round of ketamine therapy, though some patients don’t immediately reap the benefits. If you’d like to try ketamine therapy as a sleep aid or for lingering mental health issues, book a consultation today where you can have your questions answered and your symptoms addressed in a compassionate and lasting way.

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