Right now, around the world, people are taking shelter in an effort to reduce the rate of transmission of the new and novel Coronavirus. For many, their government leaders have instructed everyone to say indoors, limit or avoid all physical contact, and to wash their hands often. While these instructions seem simple enough, many may find it difficult to cope with such unique and stressful circumstances.

Those who already struggle with anxiety and depression may find this time unusually troubling. Fortunately, as long as you follow the instructions to socially distance yourself and maintain otherwise healthy habits, you should be fine. In fact, only around 5-10% of those who contract Coronavirus ever experience complications. That means 90-95% of those who contract it make a full recovery.

While many are devouring the news and scouring the internet for answers to their questions about the pandemic, others may find it better to stick to the facts to avoid getting overwhelmed or unnecessarily anxious. In an effort to spread helpful awareness of the current situation, the following list describes what you can do today to reduce your chances of infection and reduce your anxiety.

Stick to a single TRUSTED news source. Once you decide on a network or publication to follow, don’t waste your time trying to follow others, too. By restricting the narrative to a familiar voice, you reduce the chances of experiencing extra anxiety.

Don’t spend any time looking for answers from your PEERS on social media (unless they are a doctor, of course).  Avoid making decisions about your health based on what your peers are reporting on Facebook or Twitter. Oftentimes, they’re just as lost as you are, but unlike you, they have resorted to making unsubstantiated claims in order to calm their nerves.

Find something productive to do with your time off. It’s important to appreciate the opportunity that we’ve been presented with as a result of the novel Coronavirus. Instead of having to spend all day at work, you are allowed to say home! Use this time to do something that you enjoy like exercising, reading, taking an online course, writing poetry, building a website, etc.

Thankfully, the novel Coronavirus will not be novel forever. Eventually (within the next 12 months) we will have a usable vaccine in place, and things will return to normal.

If you struggle with depression or anxiety—especially right now—you may want to consider eventually supplementing your current medications with ketamine infusions to get over the hurdle. Many patients have found it to be an effective way to quickly lift their depression and anxiety in just a few hours.

In the meantime: stay smart, stay safe, and remain vigilant—soon this will all be behind us!

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