Don’t worry—the changing of seasons does not have to mean the changing of your mood! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects, on average, 5% of the population. Those who have SAD experience unstable moods, are frequently depressed, and lack energy and motivation as the seasons change. With Fall starting in just a few days, those who suffer from SAD are desperately looking for ways to ensure that they stay positive and cheerful. This year, you don’t have to struggle with SAD—instead just remind yourself of a few things:

Did you manage to smile last season? Don’t get yourself down if you had high hopes for your summer and they were not met. Instead, remind yourself that a change of pace—just like the seasons—is healthy and normal. Not every summer can be super summer-y, and that is okay! The cooler season can mean a lot of great things, too. When it is cool outside, people prefer to remain indoors, which means more face-to-face time with the people you love. Instead of ruminating, try to spend your time doing things that are fun with them like: game nights, museum visits, comedy shows, cooking classes and more.

Did you stay cool? Again, by focusing on what did go right, you will find yourself moving in a direction that is more conducive to personal growth and benefit. Reminding yourself you beat mother nature by staying cool when it was hot out is, well, very cool! Unsurprisingly, keeping cool helps you “keep your cool,” so pat yourself on the back for doing it right.

Did you get outside? Getting out of the house once in a while is all you need sometimes. If you had plans to go scuba diving or spend long, lazy days by the lake and it didn’t happen, don’t sweat it! There will be plenty more summers to enjoy those activities again. Now you can look forward to them in the future! Plus, even if the temperatures outside are cooling down, you can still get out there—fresh air and sunlight works wonders to counter the negative effects of SAD. Try having lunch on your patio or walking the dog if you need an excuse.

Unfortunately, sometimes these little attitude hacks don’t offer enough help. If that is the case, you may be dealing with a more serious issue and could benefit from professional intervention. If so, consider receiving psychotherapy and taking a daily antidepressant. It may be the case that all you need is a little more serotonin. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, something clicks and getting over that slump will be yesterday’s news.

When we’re suffering, it’s our responsibility to try all options until something works, so give it a shot. Remind yourself of the multifaceted benefits of attending regular therapy before conceding defeat.

If your depression lasts longer than a season, or is accompanied by more severe symptoms—changes in sleep patterns or appetite, inability to engage in daily activities, or suicidal thoughts—please talk to your primary care physician or mental health care provider. Or, contact our ketamine clinic to learn more about ketamine infusions for the treatment of severe depression.

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