Hallucinogenic drugs have been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the past few decades that researchers have begun to understand the true potential of these substances for the treatment of mental disorders. Because of its ability to rapidly relieve depressive symptoms, ketamine has been the backbone of the most recent series of developments. Ketamine has opened our minds to a whole new understanding of how the brain works, and has led researchers to look at brain functionality and the treatment of mood disorders from a different perspective.

One perspective, for example, is the potential for other psychedelic drugs—like LSD, mushrooms, MDMA and DMT—to potentially treat depression and other mood disorders. It is said that these hallucinogens can produce the same anti-depressant effects on the brain by increasing the amount of healthy neural connections—similar to the way ketamine infusions affect the brain.

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Ketamine has dissociative properties and, in higher doses, can result in mild hallucinations. Some research has linked the effectiveness of ketamine with the level of side effects during an infusion. i.e. the more “out of it” you feel, the better results you’ll have. However, there have not been any studies to validate this theory. Other hallucinogens being researched for their antidepressant qualities are known to result in more serious hallucinations, however, these drugs are also not being actively or legally administered for the treatment of depression.

It is very exciting to watch these developments in depression treatment, but the only drug in this class that is legal and proven to be effective, at this stage, is ketamine. Ketamine infusions are performed only under medical supervision are typically not provided as take-home treatments. This helps to decrease the risk of abuse and addiction.

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