There is no doubt that COVID-19 has flipped most people’s lives upside-down, but what about our teens? Adolescence is such a sensitive and pivotal time in life, and so many of our teens have missed out on some of life’s most rewarding moments. Prom, homecoming, birthday parties, high school sports, music, arts and drama, graduation, and just generally connecting with their friends and teachers on a day-to-day basis during the school year. These are the moments that, as adults, we look back on and remember forever. Teens have no doubt missed out on a lot—how are they coping?

A study by Fair Health suggests that mental health medical claims from teens aged 13-18 doubled in early 2020 vs. the same time period in 2019. Some numbers from the study were even more extreme: there was a 334% increase of those in this age group intending to self-harm. Furthermore, drug overdoses in this group jumped 94%. In fact, in 2020, the CDC reported the highest number of overdoses in the U.S. ever recorded in a 12-month period. This generation sees a future filled with fear and uncertainty, and it’s taking a major toll on their mental health. 

A study reported in the American Journal of Psychology (AJP) shows that there is hope for treating depression in our teens. AJP reported on the optimistic results in a trial comparing ketamine and midazolam for treatment-resistant depression in teens. The study did not show ketamine to have any concerning adverse effects in this population, and the results were similar to what we would expect to see in adults: a 70% success rate with positive results manifesting within hours or days. This was the first controlled trial of ketamine in teens to ever be published, so more research is needed, but preliminary results suggest after a single ketamine infusion teen’s symptoms for depression were significantly reduced…and remained reduced for 14 days.

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