Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders in the United States. There are about 16.2 million adults in the U.S. who suffer from depression and/or have had a severe episode of depression during their lifetime. More surprisingly, however, is that about 37% of those people never seek treatment! Why? Many of them may not know the severity of their struggles, or be aware of the various treatment options that are available. Antidepressant medications, talk therapy, and ketamine infusions are all effective methods for alleviating the symptoms of depression. Reiki, acupuncture, and exercise are some more holistic approaches to depression treatment, often suggested as ways to support more traditional depression treatments.

But what about preventing the onset of a future depressive episode? What is the solution for that?

It’s no mystery that regular exercise is healthy for the mind and body. However, there are several recent studies that show scientific evidence for the theorized link between depression prevention and physical activity. With as little as 15-minutes a day, a depressed person could see improvement in their mood, health and self-esteem—while also preventing themselves from developing future bouts of depression.

How, exactly?

  1. The release of “happy” hormones such as endorphins (natural painkillers & improve self-esteem), serotonin (mood booster & calmer), testosterone (most important for muscle growth and libido) & dopamine (signals rewards and makes us “feel good.”)
  2. Improves the immune system by increasing the circulation of white blood cells to fight infections
  3. Speeds up the metabolism and help our bodies turn nutrients into energy more efficiently
  4. Improves sleep quality: everyone knows that the negative effects of sleep deprivation are serious, and without rest, our chances for developing depression may increase
  5. Creation of new healthy neural pathways in the brain: like ketamine infusions, regular exercise has been shown to repair neutral connections in the brain associated with depression and other psychiatric conditions

The multitude of benefits associated with daily exercise make it ideal for any person, especially those at high risk for developing depressive symptoms. Read about the specific study designed to back the ideas that exercise is an ideal candidate for helping people fend off depression.

We recommend that you use exercise and other holistic depression treatments in conjunction with therapies, ketamine infusions, and/or antidepressant drugs, if needed. It can only help! You should never discontinue the use of any medication without the consent of your prescribing physician…exercise should not replace your current depression treatment program, but rather support it.

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