The impact of depression and anxiety, to those who are suffering, is immediately apparent: lack of interest in hobbies they once loved, fatigue, changes in appetite, overwhelming sadness, an inability to engage in even the most basic daily tasks…and the list goes on. However, depression and anxiety affect more than just a person’s mental health—a new study shows that the long-term physical health implications of depression and anxiety could be as bad as those caused by obesity or smoking.

We’re not talking about the common physical manifestations of depression: back pain, body aches, heartaches, etc. We’re talking about cardiovascular health, bone health—big, important areas of health that can be dramatically impacted by depression and anxiety. This recent study, out of the University of California – San Francisco showed that individuals with high levels of anxiety or depression were:

• 65% more likely to develop a heart condition
• 64% more likely to suffer from a stroke
• 50% more likely to develop high blood pressure
• 87% more likely to develop arthritis

Failing to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety, then, could lead to significant long-term health conditions—and increased healthcare costs.

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However, treating depression and anxiety is a lot easier said than done. Traditional antidepressants and talk therapy are effective for about one in three patients, and finding quality therapists who are accepting new patients can take months. Ketamine infusions offers a beacon of hope to those who need it the most.

Ketamine for depression is up to 70% effective at alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety—even for individuals who have resisted other treatment methods. It works rapidly—oftentimes within 1-2 infusions, which is especially important for those experiencing suicidal ideations. Investing in ketamine infusions could change your life forever—not just today, but for all of your tomorrows. Ketamine could turn the light back on in your life, and set you up on a healthier trajectory for years to come.

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