Are you worried about your teenager because they seem to be steering away from you and all their friends, sleeping all day, or having serious mood swings?

They may be suffering from more than just teenage life problems and the occasional bad mood; it could be depression. Depressive symptoms, if left untreated, can develop into a life-threatening disorder. When we face stress and difficult obstacles as young adults, it may carry negatively into our future. About 20 percent of teens suffer from depression before they reach adulthood, and 30 percent of those people never seek treatment. Determining the most effective way to address your teenager’s depression, while your child grows worse, can be difficult when you are not sure where to begin.

There is a new study from the University of London and Cambridge University about the power of positive memories. The lead author, Adrian Dahl Askelund, and his team are looking into positive memory recall and how it affects a person’s vulnerability to depression.

In the study, there were 427 children with a high risk for depression, studied over a 12-month period. The team followed interviews and asked the young adults questions to see if they could recall certain positive memories from their past. The goal was to determine if positive memories could reduce cortisol levels and decrease stress. The results showed that taking a trip into our happiest memories may do just that.

Learn more about the study here: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-01-recalling-happy-memories-adolescence-depression.html

In combination with talk therapy, you may want to consider at-home coping mechanisms to help your son or daughter decrease their risk of developing depression as adults. Especially, if they are showing certain depressive signs already.

If your child is already showing severe depressive symptoms, and you have tried everything, then consider ketamine infusions as another option. Ketamine infusions have produced highly effective, rapid, and lasting positive results in many of our patients, including adolescents. We want your child to get back to the beautiful life they were meant for, and ketamine infusions can help.

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