With Halloween approaching, it’s all about ghouls and goblins, scares and spooks. For most people, it’s all in good fun, but if you’ve suffered from PTSD or another form of trauma, Halloween might not feel so innocent. With all the focus on terror, it can trigger flashbacks and real feelings of trauma in people suffering from PTSD. Halloween and PTSD are a potentially volatile combination.

What are PTSD and Trauma?

Trauma is a person’s response to a disturbing event, such as an accident or a violent crime. It is only natural that such an event will leave a person feeling shaken up, but for many people the effects linger. These people come to suffer from a trauma-related disorder, an affliction that is damaging both to the person’s mental health and their physical well-being. The most well-known, and one of the most common, of these conditions is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People who suffer from PTSD experience a wide range of symptoms, including flashbacks, distressing thoughts, difficulty concentrating or falling asleep, feeling continually tense, depression, and social isolation.

Halloween and PTSD

While Halloween is innocent fun for most people, for people suffering from trauma, it may be intensely triggering. If you have PTSD, October can be a trying time, but being aware of the possibility of experiencing mental distress can help you prepare. Doubling down on self-care techniques and spending time with loved ones can help. If you don’t suffer from PTSD and are planning a Halloween celebration, be mindful of the possibility that your celebration can trigger trauma in others. Tone down the gory decorations and avoid jumping out at people you don’t know in order to scare them.

Getting Help

If you suffer from PTSD or another mental health condition, it’s important to know that help is out there. Whether it’s talking with a therapist, taking medication, or another form of treatment, you are not alone. One possible option for dealing with PTSD is ketamine therapy, a safe and effective treatment that offers rapid relief and lasting results for people suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions, including trauma-related disorders.

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