Have you already begun ketamine therapy for the treatment of depression, or are considering trying it? While ketamine has been shown to be highly effective as a treatment for depression, particularly in treatment-resistant patients, it is not a magic wand. Ketamine therapy and treatment work best when combined with other strategies, such as professional counseling, community or group work, strong support systems from friends and family, as well as positive behavior changes. Ketamine can help severely depressed individuals get to a point where they feel that they can take the steps to support their healing in a holistic way and work towards long-term healing. 

Here are 4 ways to maximize your ketamine therapy experience:

Be Aware of Your Triggers

Everyone goes through ebbs and flows in life, and it is important to be aware of the things that set you off balance or start to bring you down a dark path. Get to know yourself and what your triggers are. Maybe you have a toxic person in your life who sets you off, or maybe a consistent exercise schedule helps you to relieve stress…but you are thrown off balance when you fall out of your routine. Whatever a trigger may look like to you, make note of it and be aware when it comes up so you can try to prevent yourself from spiraling before it happens. 

Develop Strong Coping Mechanisms

When you are triggered, you need to employ effective coping mechanisms to prevent yourself from spiraling out of control. Some common tools that can help relieve depression and anxiety include getting outside, moving your body, meditation, getting creative, reading your favorite book, watching a movie or show, volunteering, or getting out into nature. Whatever it is that gets you moving in a positive direction, it is important to have tools in your back pocket for when you start feeling down. 

Ask for Help

Depression can feel overwhelming, but try to remember to connect with friends and family, or schedule an appointment with your therapist when your symptoms rear their heads. Your friends and family want to be there to support you, but it’s important to communicate your needs so they know when and how to show up for you when you need it most. 

Create Rituals

Rituals can help create feelings of security. Having routines that contribute to the sanctity of your mental and physical health—including spending time with family and loved ones—is really important. Do you value a quiet moment with a cup of coffee in the morning? Does reading a book help to slow down the racing thoughts running through your mind throughout the day? Set a time each day to create space for yourself, and employ routines that make you feel good every day. Maybe you and the people in your life are all busy and hardly see each other, but try finding a time weekly or monthly to get together and connect. Communities can contribute to feelings of belonging and offer support during hard times. 

Ketamine can be an important tool to get you back on the right track if you suffer from severe depression or anxiety, and when ketamine therapy is used in conjunction with some of these positive behavior changes it can further enhance its positive effects. 

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