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The number of adults in the greater Boston area reporting feelings of clinical depression is staggering. With over 10% of adults feeling signs of depression something needs to change. Even worse is that, for the 10% of adults reporting these feelings of depression, many do not find relief from traditional treatments. Traditional treatment includes talk therapy and anti-depression medication, but there are additional options out there. With many still suffering silently as they struggle with treatment-resistant depression it only adds to the mental health crisis. For those that are feeling lost and hopeless in their situation, ketamine infusion treatment may be the answer to finding relief for depression, particularly for those struggling with treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine Greater Boston, located in the greater Boston area, is committed to helping individuals find relief and regain control of their lives.

Located 30-minutes from Dorchester, near Newton, MA, Ketamine Greater Boston provides patients with life-changing ketamine infusion treatments. For more than 70% of patients, results show that these treatments are effective, even for those that have been treatment-resistant to other interventions in the past. Ketamine infusion treatment is not like other traditional anti-depressants – which sometimes can take months of trial and error to find the right medication – and many individuals find that ketamine infusions provide relief after just one infusion. Providing individuals a marked relief from depression symptoms and reducing the magnitude of anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders, ketamine has been a life saver for many. Stop waiting and start living again- schedule a consultation today to see if ketamine infusions could be the answer!

After a couple of years of worsening isolation that was only feeding my depression, followed by the increased anxiety as the world opened up, I needed to get a grip on my mental health. Talk therapy is great, but it can only go so far for me. I had heard about ketamine but was skeptical. I called for a consultation, and when I tell you the team at Ketamine Greater Boston is amazing that is the understatement of the year. They went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable with the process from start to finish. I never felt pressured. They took the time to answer all of my questions, which I really appreciated. At the end of the day, what do you have to lose except your crippling depression and anxiety??

Benjamin L.

Patient since 2022

If you live in or around Dorchester, MA, give Ketamine Greater Boston a call. It’s time to take action to find relief from your anxiety and depression symptoms. Hope is out there, and we are here to help. Contact our offices today to see if ketamine infusion treatment could be right for you.

Ketamine Greater Boston is a leader in ketamine infusions in the Boston area. Our offices are focused on helping clients regain hope. Dr. Bruce Kaster is the owner and operator of the ketamine clinic. He is a leading psychiatrist who specializes in ketamine for depression and is committed to working with the most qualified and compassionate team of clinicians. With patient safety and comfort as the #1 priority, clients at Ketamine Greater Boston can rest assured knowing they will be taken care of with kindness and compassion.


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ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma