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12% of the adult population in Boston admits to feeling sadness or depression more than half the time. Many of those people will never seek depression treatment, and those who do may not find that psychotherapy and antidepressants are enough to alleviate their symptoms. That’s where Ketamine Greater Boston and ketamine for depression comes into play.

Just a short drive from West Roxbury, Ketamine Greater Boston treats patients from the Boston area with ketamine infusions. Ketamine infusions are effective for up to 70% of patients, working rapidly to alleviate depressive symptoms and reduce the magnitude of anxiety, PTSD and other mood disorders. Within just 1-2 infusions, patients will know whether or not ketamine works for them, so there is no need to spend months waiting for an antidepressant medication to kick in. Ketamine has changed the way we treat mental health disorders, and it can change your life, too.

Ketamine infusions literally saved my life. Throughout childhood and into my adolescent years, depression ruled my life. It kept me home in bed instead of out with my friends. I had no social life, no friends, and just felt surrounded by darkness all the time. In college, my symptoms got out of control and I began to have suicidal thoughts. I had been on antidepressants, but they seemed to completely stop working once I went off to college. I was afraid I was going to do something to myself that I wouldn’t be able to take back. My psychiatrist suggested that I explore ketamine infusions, and put me in touch with Dr. Kaster at Ketamine Greater Boston. After qualifying me for ketamine treatments, I began my initial series of infusions…and felt the darkness immediately begin to lift.

Keith N.

Patient since 2016

If you live in West Roxbury or anywhere in the greater Boston area, you don’t need to suffer in darkness anymore. Find out if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions. Our ketamine treatment center is one of the most highly rated clinics in the Northeast. Owned and operated by leading psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Kaster, Ketamine Greater Boston has emerged as one of the leading providers of ketamine for depression. We employ only the most qualified and compassionate team of clinicians and make the comfort and safety of each patient our #1 priority. Find out if ketamine could turn the light on in your life.


ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma


ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma