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In Somerville, MA thousands of people suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and other debilitating mood disorders. Fortunately, hope is just around the corner.

Ketamine Greater Boston is the leading provider of ketamine for depression in Somerville and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts. Since 2015, our ketamine treatment center has performed thousands of ketamine infusions, helping hundreds of patients find relief from the darkness of depression, anxiety, and more. Ketamine is effective for 70% of depressed patients, even those who are suffering from treatment-resistant depression or suicidal thoughts. The effects of ketamine are rapid-acting, and many patients feel relief within hours of their first infusion.

When nothing else had helped me and I felt like I had lost all hope, I discovered ketamine. My psychiatrist referred me to Dr. Kaster at Ketamine Greater Boston, who thoroughly explained the process and made me feel very safe and comfortable. He determined that I was a candidate for infusions, and started my protocol. After just a couple ketamine infusions, I could feel a shift in my brain. At first, the effects were subtle. But soon they compounded and I began to feel like I could live a normal life again. There is hope in ketamine, and I really hope you find it the way I did.

Megan M.

Patient since 2016

Residents of Somerville, MA won’t need to travel far to find hope at our ketamine clinic—we are right around the corner in Needham Heights. We treat patients from the greater Boston area, and from all over the Northeast. Our team is highly experienced in ketamine administration, and we use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients at every step of the infusion process. Ketamine for depression has been called a “wonder drug,” and for good reason. Are you ready to experience the wonder of ketamine infusions?



ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma


ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma