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There is a staggering number of adults in the greater Boston area reporting feelings of clinical depression. Even worse, a good amount of those adults do not find relief from traditional depression treatments. Examples of traditional treatment includes talk therapy and anti-depression medication, however, there are other options available. There is no need to continue to silently suffer from treatment-resistant depression, ketamine infusion treatment may be the answer. Ketamine Greater Boston, located in the greater Boston area, is committed to helping individuals find relief and regain hope.

Located 20-minutes from Milton, MA, Ketamine Greater Boston, located in Needham, MA provides patients with life-changing ketamine infusion treatments. Results show that these treatments are effective in more than 70% of patients, even for those that have been treatment-resistant to other treatments in the past. Ketamine for depression is not like other traditional anti-depressants – which sometimes can take months of trial and error to find the right medication. Ketamine has been providing individuals a marked relief from depression symptoms and reducing the magnitude of anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders. Simply put, ketamine has been a game-changer for many struggling with depression. Schedule a consultation today to see if ketamine infusions could be the answer for you!

I cannot thank the team enough at Ketamine Greater Boston. From the first call to the consultation all the way through my first treatment, I was never left in the dark. I felt knowledgeable and at ease the whole time due to the amazing and caring team. For anyone considering ketamine treatment for depression, honestly, don’t wait, just call. I spent years going from medication to medication and the only thing that helped me was ketamine infusion treatment.

Josh D.

Patient since 2021

If you live in or around Milton, MA, give Ketamine Greater Boston a call. There is hope, and our team is here to help. It’s time you find relief from your anxiety and depression symptoms. Contact our offices today to see if ketamine infusion treatment could be the answer.

As a leader in ketamine infusion treatment, Ketamine Greater Boston, located in Needham, MA, is focused on helping clients regain hope. Owned and operated by Dr. Bruce Kaster, a leading psychiatrist who specializes in ketamine for depression, is committed to working with the most qualified and compassionate team of clinicians. Ketamine Greater Boston puts patient safety and comfort first so clients can rest assured knowing they will be taken care of with kindness and compassion every step of the way.


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ketamine clinic boston ma


ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma