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Over 10% of adults in the greater Boston area have admitted to feelings of clinical depression, research states. For many, traditional depression treatments, like talk therapy or anti-depressant medication, provide relief, but there is still a large population that those treatments do not work. Many people find they are treatment-resistant to mediation and are left feeling hopeless. In these cases, ketamine may be the answer. Countless individuals have found relief to their depression through Ketamine Greater Boston, who are committed to helping individuals restore their hope in regaining control of their lives.

Located only 20-minutes from Belmont, MA, Ketamine Greater Boston offers patients ketamine infusion treatments. These treatments have been found to be effective for more than 70% of patients, including individuals that have been treatment-resistance to other interventions in the past. Ketamine is not like other anti-depressant medications that may take months of trial and error to find the right fit. With ketamine, individuals may find relief quickly, and will often know if this treatment will work for them after just one infusion. Some experience relief in their depressive symptoms as quickly as one hour from the injection. Ketamine is proven to alleviate depression symptoms and reduce the magnitude of anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders. Regain hope – schedule a consultation today to see if ketamine infusions could be the treatment that works for you!

The pandemic has been hard, and my depression has increased significantly since 2020. I kept trying different anti-depressants to help with my anxiety and depression but nothing was making a difference. I was getting more and more depressed. I finally decided to give ketamine a try after having a quick consultation with the team at Ketamine Greater Boston, I scheduled my appointment. This treatment was different than other medications in that it ACTUALLY WORKED for me! If anyone is struggling to find the right medication for their depression, I would urge them to have a talk with Ketamine Greater Boston. They are kind and professional. I felt comfortable and informed throughout the whole process. My only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner!

Sam I.

Patient since 2021

If you live in Belmont or anywhere in the greater Boston area, give Ketamine Greater Boston a call. You don’t need to suffer any more for your treatment-resistant depression. Contact our office today to see if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions. Not only are we one of the most highly-rated clinics in the Boston and Northeast area helping clients change their lives, but we are also committing to working with only the most qualified and compassionate team of clinicians. Run, owned, and operated by Dr. Bruce Kaster, a leading psychiatrist for ketamine for depression, Ketamine Greater Boston is the clear choice. With safety and comfort as our #1 priority, patients can rest assured knowing they will be taken care of with care and compassion. 


ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma


ketamine clinic boston ma


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ketamine clinic boston ma